The Restaurant

Restaurant in Fuengirola

Mezzanotte is our restaurant in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. For nearly three years since we moved here to the Costa del Sol and started Mezzanotte. We are the Swedes with a background from Lebanon, who likes Italian cooking and has a restaurant in Spain. It is clear that food also becomes an interesting mix of Italian, Lebanese and Spanish cuisines.

The Restaurant

Family restaurant on the Paseo Maritimo

Mezzanotte is an exciting restaurant, a wonderful mix of Lebanese, Italian and Spanish food. The dishes are suitable for the whole family the adults can eat Lebanese delicacies, grilled dishes or pasta and the kids take one of Fuengirola’s best tasting pizzas. The atmosphere is familiar and it’s easy to enjoy your stay with us, we look at the large number of regulars who often come back.

The Restaurant Terrace

The family will enjoy.

We like it when there are people with children, parents and grandparents. It is as it should be in Spain, family or friends going out and eating out. Then it is for us in the kitchen serving good food for both children and adults and ensure that everyone enjoys. Children can bring pizza or pasta, a few adult choir Lebanese Mezze and a few others in the group taking meat or fish dishes. A great mix and everyone happy. It’s a bit of our philosophy at Mezzanotte.

pizza primavera

Good food is made of good ingredients

In the restaurant kitchen, there are no shortcuts to good food. What provides good food is good ingredients and make the dishes from scratch. Do not cheat as many others do. Pizza dough is made with olive oil then will be several hours before baking pizzas, fresh herbs give it that extra flavor, make humus yourself, use good cuts of meat and fresh fish. If you make a paste so it must have left resilience when it comes to the table. Everything will of course be seasoned so it tastes good. We are right “A la minute” for you.

langostinos gigantes

Prices for normal wallets

We want to cook good food for ordinary wallets. It is easy to cook, excluding food, but good food at a good price is difficult. We think you should eat well and enjoy your stay with us, especially with the price level, you will often return. Cheap prices without sacrificing quality.


Wine with the dinner

Our wine list makes along with a representative from the Wine Museum in Mijas, they have very good control of the vineyards that are good from both the Malaga region and the wines that are affordable for the rest of Spain. A good glass of wine raises of course your food thoroughly and put a little extra festive atmosphere in the evening. Same here good wines at good prices, so it should be.

Food and wine

Meat and fish dishes

On the menu, we also have some fish & seafood dishes. Mezzanotte Restaurant grills also lamb chops, pork tenderloin and duck breast. Try our mixed grill with a little mixed from the grill. Yum. Another favorite is the fillet of sea bass with saffron sauce.

grill mix