Italian food

Italian Food in Fuengirola

We at Mezzanotte in Fuengirola like Italian food and the laws it likes. Italian pizza with real ingredients and pasta sauces are an important part of our restaurant menu. Italian food are in good agreement with our profile. Good food at good prices.



We make pizza from scratch with their own dough. We dare to stick your neck out a bit and say that our pizzas taste best Fuengirola. We use good cheese, fresh herbs and a self-made tomato sauce. We know it will be tastier and our customers tell us so.

News! First on the Costa del Sol Pizza baked on organic spelt flour.

We at Mezzanotte bake now all our pizzas with spelt flour instead of regular white flour. We are proud of it because we are first on the Costa del Sol with pizza doughs of spelt flour. The new flour makes the pizza a little crispier, tastier and much healthier. As a chef, it feels great to be working with the best ingredients.pizza_primavera

Pasta dishes

Our pasta dishes are also good with homemade sauces for the pasta. You’ll find everything from classical Bolonesa, Gorgonzola and pasta with seafood. Everything cooked with care, so come and taste.

Pasta Pil-Pil