MezzaNotte Fuengirola

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Lebanese cuisine, pasta and tasty grilled dishes

Mezzanotte Restaurant in Fuengirola has a mixed menu of Lebanese cuisine Meze and good barbecue dishes with good meat. I as a chef has chosen to only work with good ingredients and want to serve good food. I find out that we have an exciting blend of dishes from Italy with pasta, pizza and Lebanese dishes. Then there are also some fish and grilled dishes from the Mediterranean Sea. Mezzanotte also supply catering for parties and events. Catering is simple if you have many guests.

Family restaurant on the Paseo Maritimo

Mezzanotte is an exciting restaurant in Fuengirola, this is a wonderful mix of Lebanese and Italian. The dishes are suitable for the whole family the adults can eat Lebanese delicacies, grilled dishes or pasta and the kids take one of Fuengirola’s best tasting pizzas. The atmosphere is familiar and it’s easy to enjoy your stay with us, we look at the large number of regulars who often come back